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Inheritance is often the greatest threat to created wealth. An inheritance dispute or the burden of inheritance tax can destroy great values. Our lawyers, specialist solicitors and tax consultants in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich will advise you on estate planning and represent you in all disputes relating to an inheritance or the law of succession. Trust in our specialization in inheritance law and our experience from hundreds of inheritance cases.

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Requirements for the lawyer, specialist lawyer and specialist for inheritance law

The law of succession (also known as "inheritance law") is a difficult area of law, which plays only a very minor role in the training of lawyers. Nevertheless, the law of succession is mentioned by a particularly large number of lawyers as a field of activity. This may also be due to the fact that the value of the subject matter in dispute is often quite high and that the lawyer, who charges according to the statutory fees, is quickly faced with high fees.

However, serious advice on inheritance law can only be given by the expert in inheritance law or the specialist. The client recognizes the necessary focus or specialization by the areas of law for which a lawyer offers his services. A further criterion is the designation "Specialist lawyer for inheritance law". A lawyer is authorized to call himself a "Fachanwalt für Erbrecht" (Specialist in Inheritance Law) when he can prove to his competent bar association that he has both the necessary theoretical knowledge of inheritance law and relevant practical experience gained by handling mandates.

In addition, knowledge of related fields of law, especially in tax law (not only because of inheritance tax), corporate law (e.g. if a company is part of the estate) and family law, is necessary in order to evaluate inheritance law matters legally correct and to represent clients successfully. And even within the complex area of inheritance law, there are focal points that are significant enough to promote specialization here, e.g. business succession, execution of wills or mediation.

We offer expert advice on the following topics within the area of succession and inheritance law:

  • Heir
  • Last will & testament
  • Contesting a will
  • Compulsory portion & disinheritance
  • Inheritance Taxes
  • Gift taxes
  • Execution of will
  • Real estate & inheritance

Planning and structuring of the estate

Only the timely planning of the succession through testamentary dispositions offers sufficient asset protection. Under certain circumstances, a lifetime gift may be appropriate to prevent the assets from being accessed by persons entitled to a compulsory portion, children-in-law or the tax office. Arrange your succession with ROSE & PARTNER with wills (individual wills, spouse's wills), contracts of inheritance, transfer agreements, marriage contracts and partnership agreements.

Inheritance / inheritance dispute

Once the inheritance has occurred, we advise and represent heirs, co-heirs in communities of heirs, persons entitled to a compulsory portion and executors of wills. We apply for inheritance certificates, conduct disputed inheritance certificate proceedings and, in the event of a dispute over the inheritance, assert claims from or against other parties involved. Especially in the event of a conflict, it is essential that you rely on a specialized lawyer with the appropriate experience in inheritance law. After thorough examination and consultation, we will determine together with you which strategy will lead to the goal in your case - from the uncompromising judicial enforcement of inheritance claims to an amicable solution within the family circle.

Provisional dispositions

Comprehensive prevention concerns not only death, but also situations of health crises, especially in advanced age. Here, powers of attorney as well as care and living wills enable you to maintain your self-determination and continue your business.

Our team in the area of inheritance law and business succession

At ROSE & PARTNER we offer you at our offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich the appropriate teams of specialized experts, attorneys, specialist lawyers and tax advisors, who will advise and represent you in all matters concerning the law of succession competently, effectively and economically at all times. All our experts work for our clients both nationally and internationally. In international inheritance law, our focus is on Italy, France, Russia and Poland. Our team consists of the following lawyers:

  • Ralph Butenberg - Lawyer, specialist lawyer for inheritance law and tax law in Hamburg
  • Dr. Daniel Elias Serbu, Head of the Inheritance Law Department in Frankfurt
  • Meltem Kolper-Deveci, Head of the Inheritance Law Department in Munich
  • Dr. Cécile Walzer - Lawyer for inheritance law in Berlin
  • Sybill Offergeld, Attorney at Law, Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance and Family Law in Berlin
  • Kolja Schlecht, Attorney at Law, Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance Law
  • Bernfried Rose, LL.M. - Lawyer and mediator, contact person Munich
  • Dr. Boris Jan Schiemzik - Lawyer and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Hamburg
  • Dr. Ronny Jänig - Lawyer and specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law in Berlin
  • Helge Schubert, LL.M. (Tax) - Lawyer and tax consultant for inheritance tax, specialist solicitor for tax law in Hamburg
  • Dirk Mahler - Lawyer and tax consultant for inheritance tax, specialist lawyer for tax law in Berlin

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