Christof D. BeiselAttorney
Tax advisor
Certified specialist for tax law

Expertise and Practice

Christof D. Beisel is a specialist attorney for tax law and tax consultant for companies, freelancers and wealthy private individuals in all tax matters.

He is specialized in the reduction of tax estimates by the tax office and on tax issues around Bitcoin and Co.

In the area of structuring, he advises in particular on corporate transactions, restructurings, restructurings and real estate transactions.

A further focus of his work is advice in the field of inheritance tax and gift tax - from the drafting to the submission of inheritance tax returns and gift tax returns.

Additional Background

After training and studying in the Hamburg fiscal administration, Christof D. Beisel studied law in Hamburg. Between the I. and II. years he studied law in Hamburg. He passed the state examination as a tax consultant.

The practical activity in tax law initially included a study-accompanying activity in the financial administration. After graduating, he worked for KPMG in Berlin and Völker Rechtsanwälte in Hamburg, among others.

RA/StB Beisel has been self-employed since 2011 and has supported the tax law department at ROSE & PARTNER since 2018.