Dr. Cécile WalzerAttorney

Expertise and Practice

Dr. Cécile Walzer heads the inheritance law practice at the Berlin office of ROSE & PARTNERS. She advises both private individuals as well as companies on all aspects of inheritance law and company successions. She assists our clients both in the structuring of their own inheritance, e.g., through wills or the lifetime shifting of assets, as well as in the administration of inheritances or in the event of inheritance disputes. Cécile both assists heirs/co-heirs as well as beneficiaries of compulsory portions of inheritances, legatees, or executors of wills in disputes. Thanks to her commercial law skills, international qualifications, and multilingualism, Cécile also advises on complex inheritances with business assets and/or international components. One focus of her international inheritance practice is the planning, structuring, and management of German-French inheritances.

As a German-French attorney, Cécile advises all clients pertaining to French law. In addition to advising clients on French inheritance law, she also assists in French real estate law and the collection and enforcement of claims in France.

Additional Background

Cécile grew up near Paris, France. After completing French secondary school, she qualified for a German-French law degree at the University of Cologne and Paris Sorbonne. After passing the first state law examination, with distinction, she then completed her comparative law doctoral studies at the Cologne Chair for International and Foreign Private Law. Cécile gained her first practical experience in inheritance law and commercial law during her work at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, a leading and international commercial law firm, while working as a doctoral candidate. In addition, she was a lecturer at the University of Cologne. Cécile gained further inheritance law specialization during her legal clerkships at law firms and notaries specializing in that area. She has also worked as a research assistant at an Argentinian commercial law firm in Buenos Aires. Cécile remained true to her specialization in inheritance law and financial law as an attorney and notarial representative after being admitted to practice law and completed the specialist course for certification as a Certified Inheritance Law Specialist in Berlin.