Ralph ButenbergAttorney
Certified specialist for inheritance law
Certified specialist for tax law

Expertise and Practice

Ralph Butenberg heads the inheritance law practice in Hamburg. As a specialist in inheritance and tax law, he advises and represents both private individuals and companies in all matters of succession. His clients include inter alia entrepreneurs, heirs and executors of wills.

One focus of Ralph Butenberg's work is the planning of succession, ie the design of hereditary succession through the will or transfer of assets inter vivos to the next generation.

Ralph Butenberg supports and advises on safeguarding and handling of inheritances and works as an executor of the will. As an experienced litigator who is active throughout Germany, he also represents his clients in inheritance proceedings at court.

A further core competency due to the double qualification in the disciplines of inheritance law and taxation lies in the field of inheritance tax. In that area, he supports individuals and entrepreneurs in matters of inheritance tax optimization, inheritance related tax planning measures and inheritance tax returns.

Apart from his legal practice, Ralph is also a lecturer for the Hamburg legal association and Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft. He is also well-known for various publications on tax law practice for companies.


Ralph studied law at the University of Hamburg with a focus on "Business and Taxation".
After the first state examination, he worked for four years as a research assistant at the International Tax Institute (IIFS) at the University of Hamburg. As a trainee lawyer he completed training positions at the Hamburg financial administration and the Fiscal Court of Hamburg.

Ralph qualified in 2005 as a lawyer and has been working in Hamburg as a tax and inheritance law specialist ever since. ROSE & PARTNER was able to win him as the responsible partner in the field of inheritance law in 2016.

Ralph Butenberg lives in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. In his spare time, he can be found either with family activities, in the sports club or on the football field. Ralph "Profundo" is also a bass vocalist in various acappella-ensembles and choirs in and around Hamburg.