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Family law is a key area of competence at ROSE & PARTNER. Beside more common matters such as divorce, prenuptial agreements, etc., our services as a corporate law firm especially cater to entrepreneurs, executives and shareholders with significant business assets (i.e. a company, a business, shares) as well as larger real estate assets. Our international setup allows us to handle issues spanning across various boarders.

Our areas of advice in Family Law

Our main areas of expertise pertaining to family law Our team of attorneys, legal specialists and tax advisors offer legal counsel in family law as well as legal and tax matters in adjacent legal fields. Our main areas of expertise include:

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Fees: Our English-speaking certified family law specialists work on a time-based basis at hourly rates from 400 Euros (plus VAT).

Effects of marriage and divorce on business and personal assets

Even the more “common” areas within family law are rather complex even to specialized legal advisors. Interdisciplinary expertise is an absolute must, when entrepreneurs are to get married or face divorce proceedings and business assets (such as a company or a business) become part of the estate. Certain precautionary measures, such as reaching a prenuptial agreement, are well advised. Divorce cases require a significant corporate legal expertise in order to effectively protect the client's interest, such as the proper value assessment of the business in order to determine the statutory capital gains adjustment. Such cases equally require attorneys specialized in family law and corporate law, or even tax law.

  1. Impact of marriage and matrimonial restraint of disposables on entrepreneurs, business executives and proprietors
  2. Prenuptial agreements for entrepreneurs and proprietors
  3. Divorce settlements for entrepreneurs and proprietors
  4. Entrepreneurs facing divorce, the business in case of divorce
  5. Proprietor disputes in case of divorce and tax assessment
  6. Alimony capacity of proprietors
  7. Undisclosed inter-spousal arrangement

Furthermore, family law extends to cover matters pertaining minors.

  1. A minor as proprietor or shareholder
  2. Testamentary gifts, donation inter vivos as well as the transfer of assets to minors.

As such, our team of attorneys and family- and corporate law have great experience and expertise advising not only entrepreneurs, executives, proprietors, shareholders, executive committees and board of directors but also their respective spouses.

Certified legal specialists in the field of family law – what really matters

Family law is truly a legal field requiring specialized expertise. The ideal constitution of a prenuptial agreement or the protection of interests in case of a divorce requires great theoretical insight as well as extensive practical experience, which is hardly obtainable by an attorney only occasionally handling such matters. In family law, a good attorney is labelled by obtaining a specialized legal practice certificate as well as academic work and research and through practice within this specific legal field.

Aside from the sheer legal skills, family law requires a certain aptitude. A good practicing attorney in the field of family law should also be well acquainted with corporate- and tax legislation, while also being capable of assessing the family-, social- and emotional aspects of a given conflict.

As a corporate law firm, we here at ROSE & PARTNER provide the relevant know-how even beyond the field of family law and are capable of deploying alternative conflict management as well as further methods of mediation.

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