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Christian NormannAttorney

Expertise and Practice

Christian Normann is responsible for corporate law and M&A at ROSE & PARTNER's german offices in Cologne and Frankfurt a.M. As a lawyer, he is active both nationally and internationally.

As an Certified specialist for german business and corporate law, Christian Normann advises companies, shareholders as well as managing directors in Germany on all issues relating to corporate law. One focus of his work is on tax-driven transformations (mergers, demergers, changes of legal form) or other restructurings outside the scope of german transformation law (accretion, contribution/increase of share capital), in particular in the area of the transformation of a sole proprietorship into a GmbH (spin-off, contribution) as well as the transformation of a GmbH & Co. KG into a GmbH (extended accretion model/change of form).

In addition, Christian Normann is active in the area of company acquisitions (asset deal or share deal) and advises on both the buyer and the seller side in all phases of the M&A process: From the preparatory phase (vendor due diligence) to the pre-negotiation phase (letter of intent/confidentiality agreements, NDA), the negotiation of the company purchase agreement (due diligence/reps & warrenties/indemnities/covenants) as well as its conclusion and execution (signing & closing) to post-acquisition measures (cash pool agreements/profit transfer agreements).

In addition, he represents companies, shareholders and managing directors in the context of shareholder disputes (challenges and lawsuits against shareholder resolutions, infringement of non-competition clauses, duties to cooperate in the case of amendments to the articles of association, dissolution/winding up of companies, exclusion of shareholders, liability of managing directors, dismissal of managing directors, information rights of shareholders).

Furthermore, as a Certified specialist for german tax law, he is also active in the field of inheritance tax, gift tax, in particular in connection with anticipated succession, and represents clients in the context of appeals and lawsuits against tax assessments of the tax office before the german tax court, in particular in the case of demands for back payments after tax audits or liability assessments against managing directors.

Additional Background

Christian Normann is married and lives with his family (2 children & 2 pugs) in Düsseldorf. As often as the opportunity arises, he enjoys the sea and the dunes with his family in the vacation cottage in Breskens/Zeeland.