Peter PreinAttorney
Tax advisor
Public prosecutor (ret.)

Expertise and activities

Peter Prein is a lawyer, tax consultant and retired public prosecutor specializing in criminal tax law and white-collar crime. He advises and defends companies, managing directors and shareholders. His clients can rely on him as an experienced criminal defense attorney, both out of court before the investigating authorities and forensically in proceedings before the criminal justice system.

Another focus of his work at ROSE & PARTNER is the preparation of expert opinions on matters relevant to criminal law, such as allegations of embezzlement at the expense of companies by shareholders and managing directors.

In shareholder disputes, the preparation of criminal charges is also part of his permanent repertoire. With professional routine, the lawyer and criminal defense attorney Prein pays attention to whether the accusations made are tenable and meet the legal requirements. The goal of every defense is the best possible conclusion - whether a termination by discontinuation (possibly against a condition), a penalty order or the best possible conviction. In the consulting field of white collar crime, the trained lawyer and tax consultant relies on his experience in business and financial law. In the main hearings before the criminal courts, he fights for strict compliance with the rules of evidence under criminal procedure and the procedural rights of his clients, which are protected by fundamental rights.

His 25 years of professional experience as a prosecutor for economic and fiscal criminal law as well as his experience in tax consulting and the legal profession make Peter Prein a sought-after expert in economic criminal law.