Robert LackmannTax advisor

I love tax challenges, whether in tax structuring or defense against tax claims.

Expertise & activity

Robert Lackmann has been working in the field of German tax law for over 25 years. His main areas of expertise include advising on (& rescuing) "tricky cases" with complex facts and difficult legal assessments.

Robert Lackmann can look back on 20 years of work at the tax office - including as a tax auditor and tax officer in the area of international law. He knows how a "tax office" operates. It is precisely this knowledge that he uses in advising and structuring for the benefit of his clients.

His areas of specialization at ROSE & PARTNER include

  • Tax audits and "hopeless" cases
  • International tax law
  • tax structuring

Professional background

Robert Lackmann studied German tax and business law in the finance department at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration (Norddeutsche Akademie für Finanzen und Steuerrecht Hamburg). He then completed a degree in business administration at the University of Hamburg, specializing in German tax law and auditing.

He gained important practical experience during and after his dual studies at the tax authorities in Germany. Here, Mr. Lackmann worked many years for various Hamburg tax offices in the office and in the field.

After his appointment as a tax advisor, he switched to tax consulting and worked for several large commercial law firms in Germany, where he mainly advised large companies and wealthy private individuals on legally challenging issues.

Robert Lackmann has been a partner at ROSE & PARTNER since 2023.

Personal details

Robert Lackmann is a true Hanseatic. He enjoys spending his free time with his family and doing sports in the great outdoors.


  • North German Academy for Finance and Tax Law Hamburg (NoA), formerly Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration (FHÖV)
  • University of Hamburg in the Department of Economics

Previous tax law activities

  • Hamburg tax authorities in the areas of assessment, collection and external audits
  • Several major law firms with a focus on international tax law, structuring and defense advice


  • Hamburg Chamber of Tax Consultants


  • German
  • English