Christian WestermannAttorney
Certified specialist for business and corporate law
Certified specialist for employment law

Expertise and Practice

Christian Westermann has been working at ROSE & PARTNERS since 2008.

As a Certified Commercial Law and Corporate Law Specialist, he primarily advises and represents companies and shareholders, managing directors, and sales representatives and distribution agents. Christian is a seasoned litigator, in particular in distribution law disputes and corporate litigation.

Christian further is a Certified Employment Law Specialist. In that capacity he advises coprehensively on employment law, specifically advising executives and managing directors. He further acts as employment law counsel in transactions (employment law Due Diligence).

In addition to having excellent knowledge and experience in these core areas of commercial law Christian possesses a broad civil law and tax law base. Due to his ability to quickly comprehend matters and legal valuations, Christian is a well sought after contact among his colleagues when a quick assessment of difficult matters is required.