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Welcome to ROSE & PARTNER! We are a well-established German law firm specialising on corporate law, real estate law, financial industry regulation, tax law, inheritance law & family law with offices in the major financial and commercial hubs of Germany.

Established in 2011, our Berlin offices keeps on growing and today an experienced team of 6 lawyers, certified specialist lawyers and tax consultants advises and represents entrepreneurs, investors and executives on commercial, corporate and real estate law, asset protection and estate planning. Our team in Berlin advises in English, Spanish and French. 

Our Berlin legal services are complemented by services rendered from our other German offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich and Cologne.

Below you will find an overview on our core service areas in Berlin:

  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Family Law
  • Tax law
  • Real estate Law
  • French Law
  • Notar Berlin

Corporate and commercial law

  1. Formation of companies (GbR, KG, GmbH, AG etc.), including purchasing a GmbH in Germany; joint ventures
  2. Advice to shareholders, managing directors and board members
  3. Drafting and negotiating articles of association, shareholders‘ agreements, by-laws, etc
  4. IP/IT; copyright, trademarks and licensing agreements
  5. Domestic and cross-border M&A,asset deal & share deal, earn-out and transactional due diligence including the draft and negotiation of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  6. Acting as German local counsel
  7. Representation in disputes between shareholders in shareholder disputes; post-M&A litigation

Real estate law

  1. Advice for commercial and private real estate investors on real estate sales (asset and share deal) when buying property in Germany
  2. Commercial rental law
  3. Broker law

Tax law & tax advice

  1. Tax structuring in the corporate sector as well as for private assets
  2. Appeal against tax assessments and actions before the tax court
  3. Advice and declaration of inheritance tax and gift tax
  4. Representation in criminal tax law in cases of tax evasion

Inheritance Law, Succession

  1. Succession planning through wills and inheritance contracts
  2. Handling of inheritance cases, publication proceedings
  3. Representation in conflicts in communities of heirs
  4. Advice to heirs, co-heirs, persons entitled to compulsory participation, executors of wills or legatees

Family law

  1. Prenuptial agreements for entrepreneurs and executives
  2. Advise and representation in divorces of entrepreneurs and executives
  3. Advice on descent law, adoption and paternity,

French Law

  1. French inheritance law,
  2. French real estate law
  3. Debt collection in France

Our commitment in Berlin

Our offer of comprehensive advice and support, even in complex matters, by a team of specialized lawyers and tax advisors has become known beyond our Hamburg office through clients and publications in the press and on the Internet. Shortly after the founding of the firm, we received our first client inquiries from Berlin. Over time, it also became apparent that some of our medium-sized clients from Eastern Europe would like to have an additional contact person in Berlin.

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