Real estate law, real estate business law in Germany

Purchase, sale, financing, leasing and management in german practice

Today more than ever, real estate is a major component of private wealth creation and entrepreneurial success - whether for one's own residential use, as a business premises or as an investment. The development, protection and profitable use of real estate assets always requires the appropriate legal and tax support.

Our service in german land and real estate law

As a commercial law firm in Germany, ROSE & PARTNER has special expertise in real estate law or real estate business law. Our lawyers, certified specialists and tax advisors in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne advise companies, commercial investors and private individuals in all legal areas relating to real estate in Germany. This includes in particular real estate law, tax law, corporate law, financing law, commercial tenancy law as well as inheritance law.

  1. Real estate purchase agreement, land purchase agreement: preparation, drafting and execution of real estate purchases/sales. Representation in cases of liability for material and legal defects
  2. Commercial real estate transactions: legal and tax advice, e.g. letter of intent, exclusivity agreements, share deal, asset deal as well as real estate due diligence
  3. Real estate purchase in co-ownership or GbR: a legal overview
  4. Real estate in a company: acquisition of real estate, drafting of company agreements, contribution of real estate to companies.
  5. Land register & land register inspection: all information and to whom it is accessible
  6. Real estate financing and transactional financing: legal and tax assistance and drafting of contracts for financing
  7. Real estate related corporate law: structuring of joint ventures, asset managing real estate companies, family pools, etc.
  8. Asset protection: structuring the protection of real estate assets against the access of creditors, etc., donation of real estate
  9. Real estate in marriage and divorce: family law advice and representation
  10. Inherited real estate in the estate: inheritance law and inheritance tax advice from the design to the settlement of the inheritance case
  11. Commercial tenancy law & lease law: advice and representation of landlords and tenants
  12. Brokerage law: advice and representation of brokerage companies and contractual partners
  13. International real estate law: advice on Italian real estate law, French real estate law and Polish real estate law

A brief overview of tax aspects under german law can be found here: Real Estate & Taxes in Germany

For advice on german building law (building planning and building regulations law as well as private building law) and private landlord and tenant law, we cooperate with renowned law firms.

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Background to real estate law and real estate business law in Germany

Real estate law - like the real estate industry - is an interdisciplinary field. Real estate law, residential property law and tenancy law form the classic sub-areas of german real estate law. If real estate assets are to be optimized, bundled or sustainably secured, questions of liability law, inheritance law or family law also play a role in german practice. Furthermore, tax law is a constant companion in real estate transactions and the management of houses, halls, plots of land, etc. Due to this range of topics and competences, there is no such thing as a certified specialist for german real estate law.  

To some extent, certified specialists in german landlord and tenant law and in residential property law, as well as certified specialists in construction and architectural law, offer comprehensive advice in real estate law. Institutional players and wealthy individuals, however, are increasingly relying on german law firms specializing in commercial law with attorneys from various disciplines who offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of real estate. In metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt or Cologne, there are now a number of medium-sized law firms in Germany with the relevant expertise.

In addition to knowledge of the legal fields listed above, a lawyer for german real estate law should also have relevant industry and market knowledge as well as good contacts, for example to banks, notaries, asset managers and project developers.

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